Partnerships & Transitions

It's all about timing and knowing what works.
There is an endless array of ways to structure practice buy-in/buy-outs as well as mergers and practice acquisitions. There are, however, certain fundamental considerations that need to be addressed in all transitions in order for them to have the best chance for success. This is precisely where our combined medical and legal experience and expertise offers our clients the edge in developing practice transitions that work.

We routinely provide our clients with assistance in the following areas and do so at very competitive rates. Compare us with other brokers or your personal attorney and see the difference. Our quotes also do not change once the work has begun...

Partnerships and Transitions ($6-10,000 avg) 
Developing partnership agreements with buy-in and buy-out scenarios for associates and current partners that also includes valuation services, projecting cash-flow, and determining compensation formulas.

Practice Sales ($6-10,000 avg)

  • Providing the contracts when the seller and buyer have already found each other, which may include structuring transitions where the seller returns as an associate, as well as
    • Creating deferred payouts/compensation formulas to minimize tax consequences for buyers and sellers
    • Drafting legal documents to assist with the lease or sale of commercial real estate
    • Evaluating various asset allocation models to examine tax consequences for buyers and sellers

Buyer Representation ($6-10,000 avg)

  • Evaluating a practice as well as the owner's appraisal to determine if a practice is valued appropriately
  • Producing a cash flow analysis and business pro-forma to assist with obtaining bank financing
  • Examining partnership and buy-in/out agreements to determine if the buyer/new partner's interests are being met fairly

We encourage medical professionals to call us for assistance in any of the above areas or simply to pick our brains. We are happy to help and do offer a no-cost, no obligation initial consultation.

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